Guinea Piggin’



Hello All!!! It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog. It has been a VERY busy month of May and now it has started all over again in June. I have been able to accomplish some very cool spiritual goals. Balancing home, work, preparing for the upcoming school adventure, and my spiritual obligations have been daunting, but I am certainly up to the challenge. Being busy, in my case, I feel like I have been more productive because I know that I really don’t have time to be a lazy bones…lol  Last month, I started practicing my “hair skills” on my dear friends. This has really been an experience. You put it out there that you need “heads” to practice on or in other words “free services”, you are bound to get some response. I love it! It is helping me to gain confidence in whether or not this is something that I really want to do or CAN do. Everybody can not deal with the service industry. You have to be patient, friendly, highly social, creative, professional, have a strong work ethic and be in tune with the needs of your client. My friends have shown me some aspect of those things in the past month. For example, body language is a dead giveaway if you are taking too long and your client is becoming impatient with you. Creative hair styling is another area that is a sensitive one. What I mean is that you can say “How do you want your hair styled?” and they can tell you that they have no clue but the outcome isn’t exactly something that they would wear. This is frustrating and awkward. It’s a normal emotion but I can relate because that would be me at the hair salon and telling the stylist to just “do whatever”. Again, I’m up for the challenge. Using my friends and family as Guinea Pigs has definitely shown me where I need improvement. No delusions of grandeur here…lol I am not horrible but at this stage I wouldn’t dare ask for even a tip….lol (However, tips will be accepted if offered). 🙂 🙂 I have more exciting news. I made an attempt to enroll for the cosmetology program online and the steps for enrollment online advised me to apply for financial aid. I blew this notion off due to being a two income household and I was under the impression that I made too much to qualify. I am sooooooooo happy that I went against my initial feelings!!!! I QUALIFY!!!!!! Lesson learned. You never know unless you give it a try. Right, right, right?????…lol This is a huge blessing, one less thing that I have to worry about. The plan was to put myself through cosmetology school by working from home as a customer service representative while trying to contribute to the household finances. Now with this piece of good news, all my income can go towards the household. What a relief! See how Jehovah provides?! I am excited for the upcoming changes in my life. Along with my spiritual and career goals, I have decided to make some drastic health changes as well. I have done this time and time again. I am so sick of falling off the wagon. This time I am sticking to my guns. (For lack of a better word.) I just bought some plant based protein today and I have my Vitamix just sitting on my counter collecting dust. I’m about to dust that baby off and get to work! I also “borrowed” a set of Insanity DVDs from a friend so you know I’m not messing around. But the truth is that all these things don’t amount to a hill of beans unless I follow through with these changes and make them stick. I have to make a promise to myself to stick to what I start. I need to be of strong will and discipline. This is really off topic for me but my health has really been lingering in the forefront of my mind and I just keep putting it on the back burner. How dumb is that? Lol. We take care of our homes, our cars, our hair, our loved ones but we neglect the one we see in the mirror each an every day. So that is my truth for the day. Hopefully it won’t be so long before I write again. Please feel free to give me feedback as this is my first attempt as a blogger. I see a lot of seasoned bloggers out there and I want to take the time to read and learn from them. Good night all and talk to you soon, 



2 thoughts on “Guinea Piggin’

  1. Curlyhairbobo says:

    So you can’t read my mind for all the exceptions to “do whatever”? This blog is certainly giving me insight from the stylist’s point of view. This will help me and others improve our communication during a consultation.
    I, too, struggle with making my health a priority. It’s one of the first things we can put off without feeling overly guilty. I am a green smoothie lover who is proudly envious of your Vitamix. Replacing a smoothie with the meal that is the most difficult to eat healthily(for me it’s dinner. I only want a sandwich most days), helps balance out my other good meals.
    I am my worst competitor. It wasn’t until I signed up for a race did I take my fitness seriously. Once I paid that fee, there was no way I was gonna embarrass myself by not showing up or being ill-prepared. Just the thought of being picked up by the “slow poke truck” was enough to put down the bacon and train….

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